Our main mission :  

Pharma steel

Established as one of the companies in field of manufacturing equipment and tanks for pharmacutical companies

We also aim to export to thr following countries :
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  Liquid manufacturing vessels are specialized vessels used to manufacture high quality liquids and solutions required in pharmaceutical industry and other industries. This is a completely closed vessel with agitator mounted on top dome. Moreover, these liquid manufacturing vessels are equipped steam jackets and insulation with stainless steel cladding for uniform heating of the liquid.

Different types of stirrers are available with the vessel including propeller, pedal, anchor etc. The capacity can range from 50 ltrs to 10000 ltrs and more depending on individual requirements.

Advantages of Liquid Manufacturing Vessel
Ensure utmost cleanliness during manufacturing process.
Minimum manual interference.
Material transfers are done by transfer or vacuum pumps.
Vessel are equipped with SIP/CIP systems for convenience.

Features of Liquid Manufacturing Vessel
- Flush bottom valve
- Vary speed drive
- Provision of steam and electrical heating
- Usually vessels are electro polished from inside
- Spray ball for CIP/SIP system
- The vessels are usually jacketed, insulated and cladded by stainless steel

Types of Liquid Manufacturing Vessels
- Filling Vessel- They are used to fill the packaging material with high efficiency
- Manufacturing Vessel- They are used for manufacturing various types of fluid materials
- Pressure Vessel- They are used in various industries that include pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing
- Sterile Manufacturing Vessel- They are used to manufacture sterile solution

Applications of Liquid Manufacturing Vessel
- Pharmaceutical
- Chemicals
- Cosmetics
- Food processing
- Beverage

  Our Clients:
  Pharma steel have the base of a broad and important clients in the field of medicine, food and also in the food industry.